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Year 2 - Owls

Our names are Mrs Ellis and Mrs Williamson and we are the Owls class teachers.  Miss Haythorne and Mrs Rawnsley are the Teaching Assistants in our class. We work closely together to provide an engaging and safe learning environment. In the Owls class we try really hard to encourage and develop, mutual respect, tolerance and an independent working style.  ​



April's fitness calendar!

April's fitness calendar! 1


wondering how to keep your child active once the sun goes in. Here are some free Disney based activities.

Home Learning 

I hope that everyone has had a good first week and that everyone is keeping safe and well.  Firstly, thank you so much to those that has been contacting me with email and photo updates, it is fantastic to get to see what everybody has been doing throughout the week and that the children's enthusiasm to learn is continuing beyond the classroom! 

As previously on our class page you will find Maths, English, Topic, Reading and Spelling activities. Once again if you are in Mrs Williamson’s/Mrs Ellis’ spelling group then please see the Year 1 pages (Foxes and Badgers) for your child's phonics activities. You can of course also have a go at any of their other activities on there too. 

Please continue to take a photograph of what you do and email it to me and so I can respond at:

At this unsettling time it is even more important to remember to be patient and kind towards each other and recognise that children, as well as adults, may be feeling anxious and in need of an extra cuddle.

Easter Holidays Homework

Over the next two weeks it is officially the Easter Holidays and we teachers will be using the time to take a break from work and spending some quality time with our family. 

Please still feel free to send us emails and we will get back to you after the holiday – it will be fabulous to reconnect to our emails and find lots more lovely emails from you all. We are really enjoying receiving them, we miss you dearly and reading/seeing what you have been up to puts a smile on our faces. 

As many of you will still want to do some work/activities over the two weeks, here are some different more fun based things you can get up to, some of these we will enjoy trying with our little ones at home. 

There are also a few links to a number of different websites you might want to go on, some are repeated others are new.

We hope that, despite not being able to see your friends and family as we normally would do at this time, you still have a lovely time.

Have some fun and fingers crossed the Easter Bunny is still able to visit you.

Happy Easter

Best wishes


Miss Drake and Mrs Ellis

P.S. I have also uploaded this as a word document in case it is easier for you to access. 

Activities to try

  • Make some paper Easter eggs and hide them around your home for your grown up to find.
  • Go for a walk and see how many rainbows you can spot.
  • Make your own rainbow
  • Make a Lego theatre and put on show – we know how much you like to do this
  • Make a paper aeroplane, predict how far you can throw, try it out and measure the distance
  • Using Lego/blocks – how high can you build a tower, experiment ways to make it taller?
  • Play hide and seek
  • Go for a walk, find a stick, make it into a stickman and act out the story of stickman.
  • Do some gardening
  • Build a den
  • Fly a kite
  • Read a story to your teddies, grown up or sibling
  • Have a disco – maybe you could play musical statues/musical bumps
  • Make a pizza
  • Go for a picnic
  • Play with bubbles
  • Do a balancing race, it could be an egg and spoon race or if maybe try balancing a teddy on your head.
  • Go on a bike ride/scooter
  • Help do some chores at home – maybe you could make your bed, help set the table, wash the pots or tidy up your bedroom.
  • Make an Easter headband, do an Easter painting, potato printing, make an Easter wreath - see pictures below for help with these ideas. 


Websites to try - The children LOVE doing a word search at school here they can do some online. - Makes learning to read fun • Covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. • Computer version is 100% free. You can also download it from the app store to use on iPads and Tablets.   - log in: pupil1234 password: year 1 - there are lots of activities on here all set out in different sections Chose your childs Phonics Phase to play a selection of interactive games. – Joe Wicks daily P.E. is still on over the holidays and Friday is dress up Friday.  - log in: pupil password: 12 - lots of yoga videos set to stories - lots of Maths games, including the popular Hit the Button - a selection of different STEM activities you can try at home without needing too many resources.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week Two


This week's spelling focus is homophones.

Practice each of these and then get your grown up to test you and send a picture of your score:

  • here / hear, see / sea, bare / bear, sun / son

Here are some fun ways to practice them:

  • Paint them outside using water and paintbrush/or your finger.
  • Make them in playdough
  • Build them with Lego/stones anything you can find
  • Write them in a silly sentence


English – The Easter Story and Passover

  1. Watch the video clip of one version of the Easter story.  In your books write a retelling of the story thinking about the order of events, who the characters are and where the story was set.

    2. Watch the animation above of Jesus sharing the Passover meal with his closest friends.  Create a    ‘Wanted’ poster to catch Judas for betraying Jesus and leading his enemies to him.  You could set your poster out however you like, but remember it needs to be eye catching and include only the really important information that people would need to know.


Maths – Comparing and ordering numbers

Using the worksheets provided by clicking the link at the end, in your books, order the numbers from smallest to largest / largest to smallest.  Use the correct symbols to compare the numbers.


Challenge Follow the other link provided to the comparing and ordering numbers challenge cards.  See how many of them you can complete!



Watch the video to see how Toby and his family both prepare for Easter and how they celebrate together!

  1. Make your own Easter card and write a message to a person/people of your choice.
  2. If you are able to, and you have the ingredients available, you might wish to make Rice Krispie / Cornflake cakes with your grown ups J

I would love to see any other Easter crafts you might be making at home too J


Comprehension activities

Click the links below for two different Easter based reading comprehension activities. 




Check out Joe Wicks YouTube channel - The Body coach, every weekday morning at 9am Joe Wicks will be doing a half hour online P.E. class for you all to take part in.   


Here is some information you might find useful to share with your child/children about social distancing during this time and what the rules are.

Reading at home!

I have created class logins for you to read a whole range of FREE books on Please make use of the free books on here during your time at home.

username: pupil1234 password: year1

Keep active at home!

On a normal school day the government requires schools to provide children with a minimum of 2 hours of Sports a week. To help you keep your child active during school closures Premiere Education have provided us with an active calendar to follow.  There is an activity on there for most days. Exercise is very important for physical and mental well-being, I hope these suggestions will be helpful.  

Keep an eye out for the April and May Calendar should we need them. 

Thank you Miss Drake


Here are some other websites that you can use to support your child's learning at home