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Year 2 - Hedgehogs

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My name is Miss Drake and I am the Hedgehogs Class Teacher. Miss Haythorn is the Teaching Assistant.  We work closely to provide a fun and safe learning environment! 


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RuggerEds Week 1


What a great first rugby session we had today. The children learnt how to hold the ball correctly, to use tiger hands when catching and how to make a try along with a few other skills. A huge thanks to Joe and Jacob for making the session so much fun, the children and I are looking forward to what we will learn next week. 

The Gruffalo 

This half term our talk for writing unit will be based on The Gruffalo. The children will be using ideas from the familiar text in order to write their own monster tale. Today your child will have come home with a copy of our talk for writing story map. Please ask your child to use it to help them retell you the story. 

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First of all I would like to say welcome to Year 2. It sounds like the children had a lovely summer and were very busy. They have had a great start back to the year, you should all be very proud of how well they have settled in. 

This half term our topic is Go Wild! We started our topic off today with a super starter where the children explored lots of different activities all about plants and animals. We set up some experiments and posed some questions to explore in the topic. See our photos for more information. 

If you want to see what last years year 2 go up to then see below. 
All the children had a fabulous time at Whitehall. They worked well in their teams taking part bouldering, orienteering, caving and the zip wire. We were really lucky with the weather and were able to stay outside all day. 

Year 2 had a great time taking part in the High Peak School and Sports Partnership 

Our Science results 

We discovered that we were right about plants needing light and water. We were surprised to find out that the plants didn’t change colour when we we put them in the water with dye. 

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What will happen when we put our flowers in coloured water?

What will happen when we put our flowers in coloured water? 1
What will happen when we put our flowers in coloured water? 2

Hedgehogs are scientists!

Today we set up a science investigation to test if it’s true that plants need sunlight and water. To do this we put a plant in the cupboard with water and no light. We put a plant in the sunlight with no water and we have a plant in the sunlight with water. Afterwards the children predicted what will happen to them - let’s see whose predictions will turn out to be true. 

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This week we made penguins and wrote instructions about them afterwards.


Penguins 1
Penguins 2
Penguins 3

Today we visited the community allotment in Fairfield as part of our project with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. It is a beautiful place to visit where the children were able to go pond dipping. They also learnt about the water cycle - they were fascinated to find out that we are drinking same water that was once drunk by dinosaurs. 

This week we have been learning all about special places. We talked about our own special places and compared them to a Mandir which is a Hindu temple. 
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What a fantastic time we all had at ‘Fairfest’ this afternoon, even the rain didn’t stop the fun. A huge thank you to all the parents that came and an even bigger thank you to those that joined in. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Today the children have been learning road safety.

Today the children have been learning road safety. 1
Today the children have been learning road safety. 2


Photography  1
Photography  2
Photography  3

This afternoon in Hedgehogs we were being ‘photographers.’ We were thinking about how to improve our photographs. We talked about and practiced focusing the pictures to avoid blurriness. We also explored how zooming in or out allows us to capture exactly what we want to. 

The day we played football in English and Miss Drake and Miss Gratton got a red card.

This morning all of Year 1 played football during English. There was a lot excitement especially when Miss Drake kicked the football at the fence and Miss Gratton called her a silly name. To find out more you can read your child’s recount of the whole match. 
Well done to all those children who took part in the Easter bonnet parade. There were some excellent eateries and it was very hard for the PTA to choose the winners. 

Exploring measures

Exploring measures  1
Exploring measures  2
Exploring measures  3
Exploring measures  4
Exploring measures  5

Northern Ballet

On Friday, Hedgehogs had a great time working with Keisha from the Northern Ballet. The children worked brilliantly both individually and in groups. 

Golden Mile

Golden Mile 1

Congratulations to the first four children for reaching 5 miles in our golden mile. All the children have been doing lots of running so I am sure it won’t be long before there will be more children receiving certificates. Thanks to Chris, Alex and Max from Premier Education for presenting these certificates. 


Holi 1
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This afternoon we have been learning about the Hindu celebration Holi. The classroom looked very colourful as we used artwork to represent how Hindu’s throw coloured powder paint at each other to celebrate good overcoming evil and the start of Spring. 
This half term our topic is ‘Knights, Castles, Dragons.’ We will be learning all about the different parts of a castle, what knights were and how they protected their castles. We will also be learning about the legend ‘George and the Dragon.’ 

What a fantastic time we had at the Making Space dance festival. The children practiced and performed at the Opera house where seats were sold out. They performed brilliantly and were very excited to be involved in the festival. A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to join us. 

Our Spring Term topic is 'Chocolate!'. We are looking forward to learning about how chocolate is made and becoming chocolate bar inventors! Take a look at our class newsletter to find out more! 

This afternoon Hedgehogs have been exploring properties of materials, thinking about how they change shape.

Trip to Chesterfield!

Trip to Chesterfield! 1
We had a fantastic day in Chesterfield learning all about how the town and church get ready for Christmas!

What a great to start to healthy living week. All of Hedgehogs had a fantastic time with the RuggerEds coaches.