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Year 1 - Foxes

Year 1 Foxes     


  Welcome to the Foxes!

Foxes have lots of fun working hard, learning and playing together.

Our teachers are Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Humpleby and our teaching assistant is Miss Haythorne.



14.10.20 It’s amazing how many different ways there are to learn number words! Here are just a few from this week.

14.10.20 As we near the end of our Bounce Back curriculum, the children thought about courage, and the things they would like to do with their bravery. Here they are flying their ‘courage kites’.

9.10.20 Foxes have been working both independently and collaboratively this week. They are great at taking turns and being respectful to each other and the equipment.😃

We know lots of Yoga poses now and are getting very good at balancing! We have been thinking about how awesome nature is and how good it makes us feel to be outdoors.

6.10.20 Foxes have been using their phonic skills this week, sounding out words and matching them to pictures. They have continued exploring numbers to 10 and looked at x-rays of the human body.

29.9.20 Foxes have been creative with fruit and vegetables today, making portraits in the style of Arcimboldo. They have practised their writing and counting skills, explored Autumn leaves and worked with a partner to sort fruit and vegetables.

28.9.20 Please see our planning for the next few weeks, and a copy of the letter sent home on Friday.

25.9.20 - Foxes are Class of the Week! This means that out of all classes, Foxes had the highest attendance....Well done everyone!!!😃😃😃 This week we have collaged Autumn leaves to represent the changing season and made crispie cakes to help us think of things we are grateful for.

Foxes have been learning how to form numerals correctly and matching amounts to numbers as well as having fun in Forest school.

Foxes had fun learning some Yoga poses in PE today.

14.9.20 Foxes made the most of the sunshine today and wrote fantastic number lines on the playground. They made beautiful guardian angels, read to our new Reading Buddies, made bead patterns and models, and enjoyed the sand and play dough again. Phew!

7.9.20 Today Foxes made a ladder to help them think about comfortable and uncomfortable feelings.

Foxes classroom.

This is Foxy. Each week someone takes him home and then writes or draws in his diary to show what adventures they got up to! He can't wait to meet all the new Foxes!


Here is our long term plan for the year 2020-21.  Please bear in mind that this is subject to change due to the current situation and any new guidance we receive. 

                       Year 1 Foxes!   

As the Summer term comes to an end we want to say 'Goodbye' to all our Foxes.

During 'lock down'Mrs Humpleby has been working at school

and Mrs Griffiths has been working from home. We have missed you and hope that you are all safe and well. Please come and say 'Hello' when you are big Year 2's!

We have made you a poster (in your packs) to help you remember your Foxes class. Also further down this web page are all the photos of our learning from September 2019. Have a look and see how much you have changed!

Have a fun, safe Summer!

Best wishes

Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Humpleby




July 2020 What activities are Foxes doing this week?

Learning Links

Some links that will be useful throughout the next months. We will leave them near the top of the page so they are easily accessible. Learning activities for each new week will be put first every Monday morning - internet permitting!

30.3.20 We know this is a challenging and unsettling time for everyone, and that some of our pupils might be finding it particularly difficult to understand current events. This booklet has been produced by Derbyshire Psychology Service with Public Health England, and might be a useful way to start conversations with your children.

15.6.20 What activities are Foxes doing this week?

8.6.20 - What learning activities have Foxes been doing this week?

Thumb Numbers! A brilliant way to help get your numbers the right way round!

Summer 1.1 Thank you everyone for emailing us to show what you have been doing and learning at home.

Week 1 - We are very excited to have received the first emails from Foxes. Sunny trampoline reading by Poppy! Brilliant dinosaurs from Owen!I hope your plants grow Theo! Super counting in 2's Anthony! I wonder what you are going to bake Zak??

Summer 2.5  29.6.20

Learning Activities

Topic - Farm Food

Watch the video or read a book to learn about farm foods.

Look at food packets. Where does food come from? What is it made of? Find the country the food comes from on a world map. 

Investigate where milk comes from. Maybe you could make some butter.


Sort out the food into animal or plants. File below.

Plant seeds (cress heads, beans, flowers etc). 


Find out about simple food chains. Sort the pictures into the food chain diagram. File below.



Read books about Farm foods like Oliver’s Vegetables, The Enormous Turnip, Jasper’s Beanstalk, Pumpkin Soup or The Tiny Seed.

Sequence the story of Oliver’s Vegetables. PDF below.


Watch and read Down on the Farm. Can you think of 5 reasons it was good to live on the farm? What does organic mean?

Watch the funny story Vegetables in Underwear – Can you name all the different vegetables?  Draw your own vegetables and put funny underwear on them!

Practice reading the Year 1 tricky words.

Look at some of the Year 1 phonics lessons on You Tube.


Write a letter to Oliver and tell him your favourite vegetables. Include own address.

Write sentences using adjectives to describe interesting fruit or veg.

Alliterative Vegetables – give the vegetables names that all start with the same letter. (Creepy Carrot, Musical Mango) File below.


Put the farm animals in alphabetical order.


White Rose Maths daily lessons are about ordering numbers. 


Solve the problems on Maths Mat 2. PDF below.

Find out about the more/less signs and put them in the right place. The smallest point is always next to the smallest number the large gap is always next to the largest number.  PDF below.



Order the coins from least to most value. PDF below.

Solve the word problems by making equal groups. PDF below.


Make a healthy plate of food, talk about different food groups etc. You could draw or collage a healthy plate of food. Healthy food sort activity PDF below.

Get ready for the Olympics with this 5 minutes keep fit routine. What happened to your body when you exercise?

Make a picture/collage with food. Rice spaghetti etc.

Do an observational drawing painting of fruit/veg/crops.

Make a Rainbow.

History - Year 1 have been learning about the life of a significant historical person who lived locally. Foxes were excited to learn that Robert Stevenson, who was born in Buxton, worked for Disney and directed many famous films. We made a time line of his life and wrote a 'fact file' about him.

Geography - we have been learning about Buxton. We have found out about the local human and physical landmarks and identified them on a map. Please talk about the features of a locality when you are out with your child and help them to stay safe by learning their own address.

World Book Day - we had great fun......dressing up as characters from books.....reading lots of books......finding funny places to read.....writing our own books....measuring characters from books and making bookmarks.

Foxes have been learning how to measure - they compared heights and lengths, measured with hands and cubes then used rulers to measure in cms. Great working collaboratively Foxes!

4.3.20 This week Foxes have made clay boggarts and taken them on a virtual journey around the landmarks of Buxton.

12.2.20 A huge thank you to all our talented families who did such a super job. Here are some highlights from our home learning exhibition of London landmarks.

11.2.20 Foxes have had a creative afternoon, colouring abstract London scenes and using their own profiles to make coins. What a talented bunch!

Children celebrating good, attitude, work and independence this week.

Cricket - Foxes had their last cricket session and have learnt how to bowl, throw, catch and bat. Some potential future England players were spotted!!!

5.2.20 Foxes investigated the properties of materials today, to see which would make a waterproof Spring coat for Paddington’s next trip to London.

Awards for working independently in Maths, super writing and always trying her best. We are proud of you Foxes!

Foxes are building their cricket skills.....this week we learnt to bowl overarm...we had to remember to keep our arm straight!

29.1.20 Foxes have been really creative this week, making models of London landmarks using construction sets and even play dough and spaghetti!

28.1.20 Who can remember this rhythm? Sssh clap-clap clap-clap down up.

27.1.20 Foxes received another letter today, and had a busy time helping Paddington out. They used their detective skills to work out which pictures were old.

Celebration Assembly Stars - Super writing, independence and behaviour this week.

Maths - this week we have been learning to read and order the days of the week and months of the year. We also learnt how to tell and write o'clock times. Please encourage your child by asking them to tell you the time and about the order of days and months.

Chinese New Year - We located China on the world map and found out how the New Year is celebrated. We made food to eat and lucky money envelopes then had fun dragon dancing!

21.1.20 Happy Chinese New Year!

This weeks Celebration Assembly awards. Also....well done Foxes.....we got 'Class of the Week" for attendance again!!!!

15.1.20 Look how our city art grew!

13.1.20 Foxes had a busy day making sandwiches. They gave each other instructions using time openers and imperative (bossy) verbs.

Celebration Assembly - This weeks STARS for Behaviour, Head Teacher Award and Writing! Also Foxes won Class of the Week for having the best attendance for the first week of 2020. Well done Foxes!!!

Cricket - This half term Foxes will have cricket coaching on a Friday afternoon. This week we had fun learning to catch and throw the ball accurately.

8.1.20. A letter is being sent home today about an exciting challenge for our families.  make a model of a London landmark, and display it at our exhibition on Wednesday 12th February.  We can't wait to see your efforts. 

7.1.20 Foxes had a surprise letter from Paddington Bear today, and had a very busy morning making marmalade sandwiches for him. Apparently he was impressed with our efforts, so sent us an email with a fact about London......London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. Look what we made!

6.1.2020 We're looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday 7th January. Here is our latest newsletter, which the children will be bringing home with them tomorrow. Happy new year!

6.1.2020 Please see below for the Spring Term planning.

Celebrating Fantastic Attendance! Well done to these children who have hardly ever missed a day of school......two of them have 100% attendance and received a special prize from our Chair of Governors!

Brilliant fun at our Christmas party......and a special visitor!!!!

Fantastic Foxes have worked hard and achieved a full 'Marble Jar' this week. They chose their own Friday afternoon treat. We got cosy and watched a short film with popcorn! Well done Foxes.....I wonder what you will chose next time?

Year 1 used lots of imperative verbs whilst making their marzipan sweets this afternoon. ROLL SQUASH COLOUR SHAPE STRETCH

2.12.19 All the Year 1 children visited the local church today. We heard Reverend Carl explain a little bit about Christianity, learned about the different parts of the church and how Christmas will be celebrated.

We have been reading Elmer stories and writing our own versions. Elmer has also helped us learn about recycling and to celebrate the fact that we are all different!

22.11.19 This weeks STARS in our Celebration Assembly!

Foxes have been scientists this week.......we investigated materials and experimented to find a suitable roof to keep Elmer dry in all this rain!!

In Maths we have been exploring shape. We have been naming 2D and 3D shapes and finding out about their properties. Have fun with your child identifying shapes around the home and in the environment. How many sides, edges, faces, vertices (corners) does it have? Are the edges/sides/faces straight or curved?

We designed and made homes for animals using recycled materials.

Foxes all enjoyed dressing up and raising money for Children in Need! The whole school joined in Joe Wicks keep fit session - it was fun and got our hearts pumping faster!

24.10.19 Please find below a copy of the Autumn 2 newsletter which will be sent home, and our planning for the remainder of the term.

Our finished fireworks!

23.10.19 Foxes have had a busy few afternoons this week. The children have looked at firework packaging, designed their own and then made models. They used staplers, tape dispensers and plentiful craft materials! We are excited to see the finished products.

17.10.19 Foxes were actors this week when they performed with the 'Open the Book' group in assembly. Brilliant improvisation and expression - well done everyone!

16.10.19 This week the children have continued learning about the Seasons, have explored rhyme and practised their puzzle skills!

Well done to our Celebration Assembly stars this week!

11.10.19 Foxes have been artists this week. Look at our amazing portraits in the style of Picasso! In Science we investigated features of animals and classified and sorted them into groups.

2.10.19 We have had a busy few weeks in Foxes. The children have explored body parts, created colourful paint washes for silhouette art and learned about making choices. Ask them what they chose to eat, wear and travel on.

Foxes have been finding out about changes that happen in Autumn. They created an 'Autumn Mood Board' using colours and textures inspired by their observations.

In year 1 the children need to learn how to write the number words to twenty........we started with 'one' and had great fun writing it in lots of different ways and places.

Foxes have been keeping fit and running a Golden Mile at play times each day!

Well done this weeks Celebration Assembly Awards winners! Awards are for - Playground Pals, Star Writer, Behaviour and Head Teachers award.

Foxes have enjoyed being scientists and investigating the 5 senses of, touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing.

Foxes have had a brilliant first week back in school. We have got to know each other and the classroom as well as learning new routines and having lots of fun!

1.9.19 Welcome back everyone! Please see our first Year 1 Newsletter, and a copy of the information given out in the Summer. We can't wait to see you all in school on Wednesday 4th September.

1.9.19 Please see below our English Planning for the first half-term.

1.9.19 Please see below our Long term plan for the academic year 2019-20.