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Year 1 - Badgers


My name is Mrs Langley and I am the class teacher in Badgers. 

In Badgers we work hard and learn together at the same time as having lots of fun!


Badgers Home Learning 



Week beginning 6th July 2020


This is the last home learning task before the summer holidays now. Thank you so much for engaging with the tasks, I can imagine at times it’s not been easy so well done!   


*Draw a picture and write sentences about your favourite memory in Year 1.

*Make a staying safe over the summer poster (wear sun cream, drink lots of water etc.)

*Write a summer bucket list of things your child wants to do over the summer.

*Friendship sun- draw or write friends name in the sun, write words to describe your friend (friendly, kind etc.)


Have a go at reading these sentences…


The sun in bright and shines.


I like to play on the beach and make sand castles.


When it is hot you put your hat on.


I like to splash in the pool when it is warm outside.





Play trash or treasure using the link below. Choose either phase 2 for easy, phase 3 for medium or phase 5 for hard.



Make your own number bond rainbow. Child draws/paints a rainbow and then for each colour matches to numbers to make either 10 or 20.





*Make your own journey stick, cover a stick or paper in double sided selotape and collect items from a walk to show the journey you have been on.



*Go on a rainbow treasure hunt and find items to match each colour of the rainbow.



*Make a seaside on a plate using rocks, sand etc.


*Make a summer themed collage using pictures that represent summer in magazines using colours or things such as sunglasses, ice-cream etc.




Can’t wait to see all of your great work, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Week beginning 29th June 2020

Farming- food


Make a poster to promote eating foods from British farms. Look at the link below to find out lots of information about why British farming is so important. On your poster include pictures of the produce you can eat from farms, what to look out for in shops to inform the customer the item has come from a British farm and sentences/words about why eating local is important.



Reading & Phonics


Have a go at reading these sentences independently…


Chickens lay eggs.


Tractors have two big wheels and two smaller wheels.


Dairy farms make milk, this comes from cows.


You might find ducks, hens, cows, chickens and sheep on a farm.


Sheep’s wool is used to make jumpers.



*Follow the link to read a range of books specifically for each age group. The username is pupil1234 and the password is year1  




Set up a shop in your house or outside! Label food with different prices, make your own coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 using cut out paper. Take turns with your siblings or adults to buy items from the shop, add them up and even challenge the shop keeper to give you the correct change using a take away equation. You will need paper to make shopping lists, price labels and coins.








*Using re-cycled materials make your on farm vehicle.



*Draw and label your own healthy plate of food, what food groups do you need to include?


*Go outside and do some exercise. Talk about how you felt before and after, what changed? Why is exercise and staying healthy important?


*Match the animal to the food it produces.



Can’t wait to see all of your great work, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Sport Challenge - Week Eight


This week's challenge is: 

How many socks can you get in the box? 

Find a box or basket, any type of container you can find.  Find 4 pairs of socks and roll them into a ball.  Take 5 steps back from the container, how many socks can you get in the box? If you manage to do all 4, take another step back and see how many you can get in.  How many steps back can you go before it becomes too tricky, 


Email your results to your teacher and maybe even take a photo of you doing it. 


See if you can beat your grown up.

Good luck and have fun!

Miss Drake