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31.1.20 Today, when we weren’t getting muddy, Badgers focused on finding physical challenges at Forest School.

24.10.19 Hedgehogs enjoyed their last Forest School session today. They built dens, found a beautiful moth and worked as a team to build shelters and use the new tree swing. Well done Hedgehogs, for making the most of your sessions. Who knew mud could be so much fun?!

19.9.19 The sun shone for Hedgehogs today, and we made the most of it!

18.6.19 Rabbits went fishing today....minus the fish!

11.6.19 Rain didn’t stop Rabbits having fun at their first Forest School session today.

21.5.19 Squirrels kept themselves busy this afternoon, searching for flowers, planting poppy seeds and digging for minibeasts.

14.5.19 A few highlights from Squirrels sessions so far.

9.4.19 Badgers ended their Forest School sessions in style today!

Badgers have had a fantastic couple of sessions recently. They worked really well supporting each other to tie knots when making tripods, and made the most of the exciting hailstones. There’s no such thing as bad weather!

5.2.19 Foxes had a fantastic afternoon, despite the cold weather.

13.11.18 Owls worked really hard today on their Tripod challenge...look at these impressive structures.

6.11.18 Owls enjoyed their first Forest School session today. There was creativity, imagination, physical challenge and some great team work. Well done Owls!

Hedgehogs carefully followed safety rules when they used hammers today.

Welcome back to Forest School. Hedgehogs explored our site and....imagined who might live behind the fairy door, twisted willow to start our new den, moved logs to make a circle for everyone to use, discovered minibeasts, wondered if we had found a dinosaur egg, counted cones and collected apples. Phew!

It was scorching today, but we still had fun.....especially trying to build our own shelters!

A busy afternoon with Squirrels....Wands became fishing rods, potions were made, there was a fantastic game of Hide and Seek and we discovered a fairy door!

Some Rabbits chose to make more magic sticks this week, whilst the rest of us explored the site a bit more. Things are really coming to life now....we found lots of snails and wood lice, and estimated there are 999,000 dandelions!

Rabbits enjoyed a flower themed session this week. They made magic wands and potions, an enormous dandelion chain and finished with a dandelion shower.

Mud, clay, noughts and crosses and the sun nearly came out!

Hedgehogs enjoyed their final session by making the most of the snow. They were impressively creative, and it was lovely to see them helping each other use fire steels to light a fire for making popcorn.

Hedgehogs had a great time taking part in the "Tripod Challenge".

Popcorn on the fire to celebrate our last session with Owls.

The rain stopped just as we were heading outside. Mud still featured heavily today, but we also enjoyed wrapping sticks and practising our knots.

Even MORE mud!! We really enjoyed exploring some new resources today. Mud pie anyone?

It was mud-tastic this week. The children made nests and potions, and served each other a snack. We all enjoyed being out in the sunshine.

Owls were glad that the rain has finally was their first Forest School session today. We found lots of new minibeasts that have moved in over the holidays, explored our 'pond' and made bug hotels.

Rabbits were worried we might get wet this afternoon, so busied themselves devising shelters....with some interesting results!

Rabbits used tools safely today. They wore a glove on their 'helper hand', kept a safe distance from others and held a peeler securely, to peel sticks for marshmallow toasting in a few weeks.

Welcome to Forest School, Rabbits. The children had a lovely time exploring the site, discovering loads of minibeasts and playing with water, pebbles and bark!

Mud, glorious mud! Despite the weather Squirrels had a lovely time today. They really enjoyed using large tools to dig the bark bog, made perfume with blossom petals, a 'city' (complete with street lights) for the minibeasts and relaxed in our shelter.

The sun came out for us this afternoon, and Squirrels had a busy afternoon making tripod shelters for "Rockies". It was lovely to see the children working together, using their imagination and enjoying the fresh air.

Squirrels really impressed us with their safe use of tools today. We made stick people with a peeler. The big event was finding a hedgehog, who needed some help getting out of a tangle. He is now safe and sound in Mrs Heathcote's garden.

Squirrels loved their first session today. Between snow showers everyone enjoyed exploring the site together.

Some were certainly more successful than others, but we ALL had a wonderful time building shelters today.

No one was feeling squeamish this week. We made wormeries, and found the worms to live in them. They are now in the classroom...take a look next time you're in.

As it's British Science Week we used our scientific skills outside today. Foxes found lots of minibeasts, explored the weight and waterproof quality of materials, identified trees by their buds and had lots of fun.

The sun shone for us today. Foxes built shelters to encourage animals onto our site, and learned how to put up a tarp to keep us warm. It was great to see the children working together on their constructions.

Foxes had lots of muddy fun at their first Forest School session today.

A huge thank you to Mountain Warehouse for their generous sponsorship of our Forest School.  We are now the proud recipients of lots of seconds clothing which will keep us warm when we're outside. These will be kept as school as spares, but please continue to send your child with their own appropriate clothing during their forest school program.

An afternoon of mud painting, mobile making and general outdoor fun with Badgers.

Building shelters with natural materials. Who would like to live here?

Badgers class will be taking part in Forest School after the Christmas holidays.  Their first session will be on Tuesday 3rd January, so remember to bring in some warm clothes for the afternoon.

Mmmmm, marshmallows!

Glorious mud! We had a wonderful, mucky time making mud nests, enjoying our pebble pit and digging the bark bog. We rescued lots of worms and even found a caterpillar.

Making bird feeders, creating boggarts and enjoying our new camouflage den.

We love Autumn! Owls made tree guardians to protect our site, and had a super time playing with the leaves.

Hedgehogs used lashing to join sticks to form a square. They helped each other and decorated their frames with natural materials.

Hedgehogs built shelters, and ate apples and honey: Part of their day of learning about Judaism.