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Nursery 3 and 4 year olds

Welcome to Nursery!

I am Mrs Hewitt and I am the Nursery teacher.
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Bernadette is the key worker for the Mole group. She works

every morning and Monday and Tuesday afternoon. 

Katie is the key worker for the Mole group on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. We will take her picture and put it up this week.

As of January 2020 we will go to 3 groups in a morning.

The Mouse group will work with Suzanne, Zoe and Katy who are all regular members of staff in Nursery.

Debbie is here every day to help the children brush their teeth.

Debbie is here every day to help the children brush their teeth.  1

Easter Holidays

It is officially the Easter holidays for the next two weeks! Teachers will be ‘out of office’ and will be using the break to spend some quality time with our families. There is a list below of some ideas to keep you busy over the holidays, you can do as much or as little as you want. Please still upload your pictures and things onto Tapestry or via email and we will reply to everything after the holidays. Can’t wait to see all the great pictures of what you get up to! J Enjoy the break, have fun, chill out and eat lots of chocolate! Happy Easter! Take care!


Ideas for the holidays …

*Children around the country have been putting teddies in their windows with a rainbow. It would be amazing if the children in Fairfield could do this too. On your daily walk you can spot the teddies and rainbows in your friend’s windows.

*Make a picture and send it to decorate the new Nightingale hospital – There is an easy way to this via the ‘This Morning’ app

*Make a video/written diary of your days at home, what have you made, done or played?

*Use up all the re-cycling to make anything of your choice. E.g. robots, dinosaurs and castles.

*Make Easter rice crispy cakes. Can you write the instructions?

*Make a homemade pizza

*Get all of your teddies together and have a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’

*Follow Chris Hill Community Sports on Facebook and join in with their fitness sessions (Mrs Le Port would love to hear that you have been joining in with her dance sessions!)

*Write a letter to a loved one who you can’t see at the moment, post it during your daily walk.

* Make up your own dance routine/show with siblings to perform to the rest of your house!

*Play hide and seek

*Have some calm down time by joining in with cosmic kids yoga – we do this is in school!

*If you have a garden gather natural things such as grass, leaves and moss and make a picture or a ‘garden on a plate’

*Get out all your tins and dried food and set up a shop. Label the food with price tags, make money out of paper and get shopping! Can you add up all the items you want to buy?

*Build a fort/den with blankets and pillows. Make signs for the doors, windows etc!

*If you have old magazines or Argos catalogues cut and stick to make a collage.

* Help do some chores at home – maybe you could make your bed, help set the table, wash the pots or tidy up your bedroom.

*All of the useful learning links for phonics, reading and maths etc are all still posted below!

Have fun and stay safe :) 

Mrs Hewitt's email -

April's fitness calendar!

April's fitness calendar! 1

Reading at home!

I have created class logins for you to read a whole range of FREE books on Please make use of the free books on here during your time at home.

username: pupil1234 password: year1

Keeping active at home!

On a normal school day the government requires schools to provide children with a minimum of 2 hours of Sports a week. To help you keep your child active during school closures Premiere Education have provided us with an active calendar to follow.  There is an activity on there for most days. Exercise is very important for physical and mental well-being, I hope these suggestions will be helpful.  

Keep an eye out for the April and May Calendar should we need them. 

Thank you Miss Drake

If you are self isolating, here are some suggested activities for you to try at home. Please post a picture of anything you do on your child's tapestry account for us to have a look at.


Please have a look at our latest newsletter.

Our special stories this half term are

Duck In The truck and The Gingerbread Man

We will share these together many times at nursery so that the children become confident in retelling them themselves and use all of the language in these stories.



Please make sure you can log on to Tapestry to have a look at your child's learning journal to find out what they have been doing at nursery.

If you have any trouble please speak to Mrs Hewitt.

Have a look at some of the things we have been doing at nursery.

We made an aeroplane so we could fly off on holiday.

We made an aeroplane so we could fly off on holiday. 1

We are practicing writing the letters in our name.

We are practicing writing the letters in our name. 1

Making pancakes.

Making pancakes. 1
Making pancakes. 2

Making maps for when we go on a bear hunt.

Making maps for when we go on a bear hunt. 1

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2