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Nursery 2 year olds

I am Mrs Hewitt and I am the Nursery teacher.

Emma is the team leader for the morning 2 year olds group.

Suzanne is the team leader for the afternoon 2 year olds group.

Zoe is a key worker with the 2 year olds.


Adele is a key worker for the 2 year olds, she also works with the Duck group for some group times.

Mrs Hewitt's email -

Whilst nursery is closed for our 2 year olds here are some activities for you to try at home with your child. Please post any photo's of things you are doing on your child's tapestry page.
Below are some photographs of just some of the things the children got up to last year. We hope to add many more this year as we explore and develop new skills. Please keep up to date with your child's tapestry account as photographs and observations will be added more frequently on there.

We have been shaking our pom poms in dance like cheerleaders.

We have been building rockets with different blocks.

We turned the poys and pans over in the mud kitchen so we could bang them like drums.