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Nursery 2 year olds

I am Mrs Hewitt and I am the Nursery teacher.

Emma is the team leader for the morning 2 year olds group.

Suzanne is the team leader for the afternoon 2 year olds group.

Zoe is a key worker with the 2 year olds.


Adele is a key worker for the 2 year olds, she also works with the Duck group for some group times.

Home Learning week beginning 29/06/20

For the next 2 weeks we are learning about 'Summer and Transition into your new group/class'! This week we are focusing on food from the farm! Keep up the great work and don't forget to show me what you have been up to or to ask any questions via Tapestry or my email below. 



Watch the story 'Sharing a Shell. It's a lovely story about the seaside and friendship. 


Writing/Mark Making

Have a think and a chat with your grown up about your time in Nursery. You might have only been 2 when you started!!!. Can you draw a picture of your favourite memory? It might be a friend you made, something we learned about, something funny that you can remember -  anything you like! Draw a picture and 'write' about it too if you want, I can't wait to read them



Go on a 'Rainbow Treasure Hunt' Use a similar sheet to the one below and whilst out on a walk or in your garden see what natural materials you can collect that match the colours of the rainbow. Then count how many different things you collected. How many red/orange/yellow/green/blue things etc? Which colour had the most? Which colour had the least?


Play Based

Make a seaside in a jar! See the instructions below! Or you could make a seaside on a plate or in a box, whatever you like! Get creative 


Pack a bag you would take with you to the seaside! Think about all of the things you'll need  Then go out into the garden and pretend you're at the beach! If you have a sandpit use that and some water too, just have fun!!! 



We love Cosmic Kids Yoga at school. Below is a link to 'Calypso the Flamingo' you can try this week!

Mrs Hewitt's email -

Sport Challenge - Week Eight


This week's challenge is: 

How many socks can you get in the box? 

Find a box or basket, any type of container you can find.  Find 4 pairs of socks and roll them into a ball.  Take 5 steps back from the container, how many socks can you get in the box? If you manage to do all 4, take another step back and see how many you can get in.  How many steps back can you go before it becomes too tricky, 


Email your results to your teacher and maybe even take a photo of you doing it. 


See if you can beat your grown up.

Good luck and have fun!

Miss Drake 

Physical Bingo - Fancy trying something active, have a go at some of these.

April's fitness calendar!

Reading at home!

I have created class logins for you to read a whole range of FREE books on Please make use of the free books on here during your time at home.

username: pupil1234 password: year1

Keeping active at home!

On a normal school day the government requires schools to provide children with a minimum of 2 hours of Sports a week. To help you keep your child active during school closures Premiere Education have provided us with an active calendar to follow.  There is an activity on there for most days. Exercise is very important for physical and mental well-being, I hope these suggestions will be helpful.  

Keep an eye out for the April and May Calendar should we need them. 

Thank you Miss Drake

Whilst nursery is closed for our 2 year olds here are some activities for you to try at home with your child. Please post any photo's of things you are doing on your child's tapestry page.
Please  have a look at our latest newsletter. It will give you more information about what we will be doing this half term.
Below are some photographs of just some of the things the children got up to last year. We hope to add many more this year as we explore and develop new skills. Please keep up to date with your child's tapestry account as photographs and observations will be added more frequently on there.

We have been shaking our pom poms in dance like cheerleaders.

We have been building rockets with different blocks.

We turned the poys and pans over in the mud kitchen so we could bang them like drums.