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Latest advice on Coronavirus 13.3.2020

Dear parents and carers,


The headteachers of COBRAS (Collaboration of Buxton and Rural Area Schools) met yesterday to draft this shared letter to clarify our joint approach to the virus, Covid-19.  As you will know from the news yesterday, the government has now issued new guidelines for Public Health England to delay the progress of Covid-19. The advice is that schools should only close if they are specifically advised to do so, with additional precautionary measures to try to delay the peak of the outbreak and protect those members of our community who are at most risk of developing serious health issues as result of the virus.

These new measures differ from our usual advice. From today, if your child has a new persistent, dry cough and/or a temperature above 37.8 degrees they should not be in school and you should keep them at home for 7 days. If further symptoms develop, self-isolation for 14 days is required.  If you have symptoms but your child does not, then you do not have to keep your child off school but you should try to get someone else to bring them to school if possible.  NHS 111 advice should be used as specified via the government.

Schools are open for teaching and learning as usual and children who are fit and well should continue to come to school. We continue to have rigorous cleaning procedures in place for all of our school premises and are continuing with our hand washing regimes. If there are any trips in the diaries going forward, we are currently reviewing which of these may still go ahead and which we may need to postpone.

If at any point Public Health England requires us to close, we will inform you straightaway. Every school in the cluster is in the process of contingency planning so that we can ensure our children are safe and can continue to learn.

 Thank you for your continued support.