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April's fitness calendar!

What a fantastic day we had at Whitehall. A huge thanks to the Thomas Theyer Foundation our trip. The children really enjoyed trying a variety of different activities and showed great enthusiasm and resilience. 

Today Reception have been leaning how to play Boccia with the High Peak School Sports Partnership. 


Today Max has been in telling us all about Premiere Educations October half term sports camp.

We have three different after school sports clubs at Fins. To find out more about them follow the link below.

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Well done Demi!


Buxton’s golden girl is the fastest runner in the country to clock up 50 miles as part of a national schools keep fit programme.

Seven-year-old Demi Haighton-Green from Fairfield Infants School is the first person out of 42,000 pupils nationwide to reach the 50 mile milestone in a daily running challenge.

“She is such a determined child which great personal strength and the running has helped her and the other children be more active which has led them to being more focused in class too.”

The Golden Mile is a track painted on the playground and students log the number of times they run around the track which is then converted into miles.

Chris Wood, director of Premier Education for High Peaks, Buxton and Leek, which organises the fitness activity, said: “Demi would run and not get tired. It was never a chore for her and it was always fun.”

Fairfield Infants started the Golden Mile challenge after other schools in the area.

Demi became the third student to achieve the 25 Mile award, but completed it in half the time of the previous two.

There are still only three silver winners in the area and in just five months Demi has run the equivalent of the distance to Liverpool and the whole school has completed 770 miles, which is the equivalent of running to the South of France.

All the children had a fabulous time at Whitehall. They worked well in their teams taking part bouldering, orienteering, caving and the zip wire. We were really lucky with the weather and were able to stay outside all day. 

Buxton Advertiser Article

What a fantastic time we all had at ‘Fairfest’ this afternoon, even the rain didn’t stop the fun. A huge thank you to all the parents that came and an even bigger thank you to those that joined in. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Drama Club Trolls 

What an excellent performance the children’s from Drama Club gave today. They were extremely brave performing in front of all children and their grown ups. Well done to the children and Alex. We look forward to the her performance. 

Congratulations to the first four children for reaching 5 miles in our golden mile. All the children have been doing lots of running so I am sure it won’t be long before there will be more children receiving certificates. Thanks to Chris, Alex and Max from Premier Education for presenting these certificates. 

Golden Mile

What a fantastic time we had at the Making Space dance festival. The children practiced and performed at the Opera house where seats were sold out. They performed brilliantly and were very excited to be involved in the festival. A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to join us. 

Making Space

Congratulations to all the children that took part in our sponsored sporting even with James Kirton. It was a fantastic event and great to see so many children being active.

James Kirton 

On Friday 15th March the Olympic swimmer James Kirton will be joining Fairfield Infants and Nursery School.  Every child will get to meet and work with him on the day.  During their time with Jame's the children will be able to ask him questions about himself/swimming and being an Olympian. They will also have a fun time completing lots of different activities with him. 

The event is aimed at raising money for school and we will be asking you/friends/family to sponsor the children to take part in the activities.  We are aiming to spend the money on balance bikes so the more money they raise the more we can buy.  Look out for your sponsorship forms and follow the link below to find out more.  


Golden Mile

What a great start to our Golden Mile. Almost all of Year 1 and Year 2 joined in, some children even ran 10 laps reaching half a mile on the first day. Who will be the first to get a 5 mile certificate? 

Chris Hill Football Tournament 

What a fantastic afternoon the children all had at our first football tournament.  There were great goals, super saves and terrific teamwork.  A big thank you to those parents that were able to come and support the children and to the Chris Hill team.  

Thanks to Lee for supporting the children this week in their third week of Scootability.

All the children had a great time getting ready for our golden mile



Today Rabbits took part in their first Taekwondo sessions. Thanks to Max and Chris from Premiere Education for taking the session. The children learnt 5 important moves: ready, fight, punch, punch and step and kick. 



Over the next couple of weeks a group of children from Year 1 and Year 2 will be taking part in Scootability training. During the four sessions the children will learn how to be safe when using a scooter and improve their balance allowing them to scoot more confidently. 

Infant FestIval Medalists 


On Thursday 11th January all of Year One took part in the High Peak School Sports Infant Festival. The children had a fantastic time taking part in lots of different activities. All the children joined in very well but some really shone and were awarded with medals to congratulate them. Well done children. 

Whole School Christmas Craft Activity Day


We really enjoyed seeing the older children care and support the younger pupils during our very busy craft day. The atmosphere was festive and fun, there was glitter everywhere and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from parents. Look out around the school for some of the children’s fantastic artwork. 

Year 2 Cross Country


On the 2nd November all of the.Year 2 children took part in a cross country event along with children from Buxton Infant School. Despite the weather the children were very enthusiastic. They took part in three different running events including a 300m race. I was very impressed with the children’s efforts and particularly proud of Isaac, Oscar and Layla who won their races. Well done Year 2.

Map Quest 


On Thursday 11th October 2018 a group of 15 children were taken down to the Pavilion Gardens to take part in Map Quest.  The children behaved beautifully and I was very proud of their effort and enthusiasm.  

On the day the children had to compete to see who could use the map to find the hidden makers around the park.  The children worked in 3's to complete the challenge. Although we didn't win this time, the children had a fantastic time and worked collaboratively in their teams.

Well done children and a big thank you to all those parents that helped us.