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Year 2 - Owls

My name is Miss Gratton and I am the Owls class teacher.  Mrs Golden is the Teaching Assistant in our class. We work closely together to provide an engaging and safe learning environment. In the Owls class we try really hard to encourage and develop, mutual respect, tolerance and an independent working style.  ​


This term we are going to be learning all about Fire! We will be delving into the past to research The Great Fire of London.  We are going to be reading extracts from Samuel Pepys diary and trying to write our own. Writing a news paper report as if we were reporting on the Great Fire and looking at how fire safety has changed since 1666.  We are going to use maps to explore how to fire spread and then we're going to have a go at building our own 1666 Tudor houses using the materials they used. What better way to test these materials, to look at their properties than have our own Miniature Fire of London. If you have an information books or things you would like to bring in to show us for this topic please feel free. 


For more information on our topic please read our class newsletter below.

Class News Letter and Homework

Who works in the Owls class

Who works in the Owls class 1 Miss Gratton - Class Teacher
Who works in the Owls class 2 Mrs Golden-Teaching Assistant

Our Classroom

Our Classroom 1

This Weeks Spellings

Here are some websites that you can use to support your child's learning at home 

Number Bonds to 10 Championship!

This term we are holding a class competition to see who will be the number bonds to 10 champion. The children have 1 minute to solve as many number bonds to 10 questions as they can. We will crown the winner when everyone has had a go. Click on the title or the picture to practice at home. See how many you can do! 


This is a healthy competition in a supportive environment to support children with their mental maths fluency and rapid recall of number facts.  





Meet Arnie - Our class pet

Picture 1
Arnie is a fluffy owl who perches next to Miss Gratton's whiteboard all week watching to see which child he wants to go home with for the weekend. Every Friday Arnie tells Miss Gratton who he'd like to go home with and what they've done that's made him choose them. He often chooses children who have worked really hard or who have done something fantastic that week. Sometimes he chooses children if they have been a good friend, or someone who has followed the golden rules really well. Arnie loves his adventures and we love to hear about them too. So please feel free to write stories, draw pictures or add photos to Arnie's Adventure book when you take him home.  

Healthy Living Week

We've done loads of different activities for Healthy Living Week. We've done extra forest school sessions, had visits and talks by the Fire service and the PDSA, we've had a day of Zumba finished with a danceathon. We've taken part in cross country and learnt how to play rugby and finally we've baked a healthy apply crumble. Yum, Yum!

Wow what a busy week!  

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Picture 5

Forest School 

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Show and Tell 

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We had a very special treat this week, when a member of our class brought his bird into class for show and tell. We had a great time asking questions about the bird, which was called Batman! 

We have show and tell every Friday afternoon, so if there is anything your child would like to bring in please feel free to let them bring it. 

Being Eager Explorers 

Picture 1
We have had  lots of fun in our topic afternoons, looking at the world map. We've been finding different countries and labelling the seven different continents. 

Art from around the world 

Picture 1
We have had a go at different styles of art from different continents. Here we are having ago at African art, Aboriginal art and Japanese art. 

Exploring what is living, dead and has never been alive in Science!

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Keeping Safe in Our Community

Picture 1
We had two PCSO Officers come and talk to us about how to stay safe in our community. We discussed what we might see on the floor as we walk to and from school and what we should do about it.