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Year 2 - Owls

My name is Miss Gratton and I am the Owls class teacher.  Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Haythorne are the Teaching Assitants in our class. We all work closely together to provide an engaging and safe learning environment. In the Owls class we try really hard to encourage and develop, mutual respect, tolerance and an independent working style.  ​


Last term we enjoyed reading Geogre's Marvellous Medicine and Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. Our book this term will be, The Dairy of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. In writing we will be looking back at all of the different peices of writing which we have done so far in Year 2, and trying to see if we can write even better peices. These texts include: stories, instructions, information texts and poems.  During our topic afternoons we will be looking at the basic needs of animals and how they survive in their natural habitats, including looking at food chains. 


We will be completing SATs papers this term. If you have any questions about SATs or want to discuss anything with me, please feel free to come and speak to me. 



For more information on our topic please read our class newsletter below.

Class News Letter

Who works in the Owls class

Who works in the Owls class 1 Miss Gratton - Class Teacher
Who works in the Owls class 2 Mrs Pilkington - Teaching Assistant

Our Classroom

Our Classroom 1

Here are some websites that you can use to support your child's learning at home 

Meet Arnie - Our class pet

Picture 1
Arnie is a fluffy owl who perches next to Miss Gratton's whiteboard all week watching to see which child he wants to go home with for the weekend. Every Friday Arnie tells Miss Gratton who he'd like to go home with and what they've done that's made him choose them. He often chooses children who have worked really hard or who have done something fantastic that week. Sometimes he chooses children if they have been a good friend, or someone who has followed the golden rules really well. Arnie loves his adventures and we love to hear about them too. So please feel free to write stories, draw pictures or add photos to Arnie's Adventure book when you take him home.  

Have a look at our fantastic danger stories!

Our Christmas Nativity! 

Picture 1

Our Snowman Poem


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Investigating how we can change the shape of different materials in Science

Our Trip to Chesterfield

Healthy Living Week

We enjoyed lots of different activities during healthy living week, including: junior rugby, cooking, hand washing, circus skills, making food outside on a camp fire and moving and grooving in Zumba!
Picture 1
Picture 1
We really enjoyed following a recipe and making healthy pancakes for healthy living week. We are going to use this to help us write our own instructions in our English Lessons.

RE Day - Celebrating Diwali

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The children moved around the school, completing different Diwali activities in each class, including; Diwali card making, creating their own diva lamp, making Rangoli patterns and learning a Bollywood style dance.

Our Trip to Crich Tramway Village

Look at our class Talk for Writing story map

Picture 1

Look at our Talk for Writing stories

Our Visit to the Cavendish Hospital - Community Week

Picture 1
We enjoyed playing games, doing puzzles, and singing and reading to the patients.

Enjoying our forest school afternoons

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We are really enjoying our topic afternoons. We've been observing how plants and seeds grow. We've planted some of our own seeds and we've also been keeping a bean diary. We've also conducted an experiment to help us find out what things plants need to grow and survive!

We enjoy learning new skills in multisports

Picture 1
Picture 2
This term we have been learning all the different skills used in basket ball. We are getting really good at dribbling and can throw the ball using three different passes.

Our family fun spelling mornings!

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